David J. Solomon, PhD
Michigan State University

Contents (PDF of full table of contents)

Introduction – scope and purpose of this book; overview and short history of open access (OA) publishing; ethical and practical reasons why scholarship should be freely available; issues to consider for starting OA journals

Journal examples - five successful open access journals; their structure; operations; financing and history; used throughout the book as examples

Journal planning issues - defining a scope for the journal; defining a peer-review policy; determining an editorial  structure (editorial board etc.); developing policies (complaint, copyright, etc.); journal structure/content issues  (types of articles, letters, editorials, etc.)

Hosting and data systems - selecting a journal management system (or not); web development/hosting issues; security and disaster planning

Copyright and other intellectual property issues

Finance/business plan - potential sources of revenue for OA journals; strategies for minimizing costs; volunteer support strategies

Indexing and archiving – concepts; archiving issues; indexing issues; obtaining an  International Standard Serial Number (ISSN); the Directory of Open Access Journals

Launching the journal - announcing and publicizing the journal; gathering initial content; addressing the “chicken/egg” problem of developing credibility

Sustaining the journal - the dilemma of success; planning for sustainability

Conclusions - other sources of information; the need for cooperation among OAI community